Massive audio E2 vahvistin

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Massive audio E2 vahvistin
Massive audio E2 vahvistin
Massive audio E2 vahvistin
Massive audio E2 vahvistin
Massive audio E2 vahvistin
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16-32 pv
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269,00 €
sis. ALV 24,00 %
216,94 € sis. ALV 0,00 %
All “EDGE” Series Amplifiers use famous Nano Block Military speck circuit board and “N” drive MOSFET power supplies to ensure performance but they now have several new cutting edge features like RCA inputs that can take RCA or Speaker levels at up to 10 Volts in! This built in money saving OEM line converter is found in every “EDGE” model, and each E2 model uses a DC off set music sensing system to activate the ATO (Auto Turn On). Other new precision audio features found in all mono models include, an adjustable 1 band parametric EQ with up to 12 Db bass boost, a switchable 12V Out terminal, a preparatory docking input for optional custom matching Massive Audio 4 farad “Rail CAP” capacitor and on all 2, 4 & 5 channel amp crossovers adjusts to an X10 switch, which means, that “EDGE” can be programmed as a high pass or a low pass at 3K Hz adjustable Up or Down or even Band Passed enabling the use with raw drivers for more output control.Remember: Massive Audio “EDGE” is Very Sharp and should be played with cautionFEATURES:Built-In OEM Line ConverterHigh Power in Extremely Small Heat SinkMil Spec Double Sided PCB with SMD PartsBuilt-in Noise Reduction CircuitryFull Mosfet with High Grade Switching DevicesRegulated Power Supply & Dual Output VoltageCTA-2006 CompliantBuilt-in Auto Sensing Turn-on via Hi-Input12v Remote Output for External Devices0~12dB Variable Bass BoostNext Gen Advanced 5 Way Protection4 FARAD Rail Output Capacitor Booster - (RAIL CAP-E) (Sold Separately / Optional)SPECIFICATIONS:RMS Power 800w x 1PEAK Power 1600w x 1RMS @ 2 Ohms 400w x 1Bridged RMS n/aMin Impedance 1 OhmMin Ohm Bridged n/aTHD <0.3% @ 4 OhmS/N >80 dBMax Voltage 15vMax RCA Voltage 10vFreq. Response 10Hz - 220HzDimensions 8.0 (in) x 5.9 (in) x 2.1 (in)Bass Remote UR1 (Optional)
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