Massive Audio BAS6 aktiivisubwoofer

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Massive Audio BAS6 aktiivisubwoofer
Massive Audio BAS6 aktiivisubwoofer
Massive Audio BAS6 aktiivisubwoofer
Massive Audio BAS6 aktiivisubwoofer
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Our Massive Audio BAS6 is the perfect Bass solution for those with limited space and an unlimited thirst for sound quality. The BAS6 is an 6.5" Powered Cast Basket Subwoofer pre-installed within an Industrial Grade Carpeted ported enclosure. The BAS6 pre-loaded Subwoofer is conservatively rated to handle 250 Watts RMS, yet efficient enough to yield high Sound Pressure Levels. It utilizes a 1.5" Inch, 4 Layer, Voice Coil and incorporates tight Red stitching that is sewn through a Kevlar fiber enhanced non-pressed paper cone with an EROM Foam Surround. The entire cone assembly is bonded to a heavy gauge steel basket that bolts to High Grade Double Stacked 55oz Strontium Ferrite Magnets.

The critical function of keeping the voice coil centered in the magnetic gap is performed by the triple black poly cotton spiders with mirror image layout and woven round tinsel leads. The enclosure is equipped with Quick Disconnect 4 AWG Power, REM and Ground terminals allowing you to remove the box quickly when extra cargo space is needed. Their enclosure utilizes heavy duty black anodized deep steel grills to protect the cone and allow for maximum X-Max as well as a Clipping LED to protect the entire system.

The BAS6 is powered by a high performance built-in Amplifier with (ATO) Auto Turn-On, Audio Sensing and Remote Trigger. The Built-In Hi-Low converter allows you to connect directly from your system without the need of an additional module and its associated cost. Another unique feature is the inclusion of a Remote Bass control with adjustments up to 12db @ 45Hz. Additionally, there are adjustment controls for Low Pass with built-In 12dB Octave Butterworth Crossover, Bass Boost & Phase to 180°. To sum things up this is a high quality, turnkey Bass solution for full time or lease cars you can be proud to show off!


  • Die Cast Basket with Black Textured Finish
  • Kevlar Fiber Enhanced Non-Pressed Paper Cone with Textured Paint Finish
  • EROM Foam Surround with Red Stitching
  • 1.5" 4-Layer Hi-Temp Voice Coil 
  • Fiberglass Woven Dust Cap
  • Double Stacked 55oz High Energy Magnets 
  • Enhanced Cooling T-yoke Design with Black Anodized Finish
  • Customized Rubber Gasket and Magnet Boot
  • Triple Black Poly Cotton Spiders with Mirror Image Layout
  • Customized Rubber Gasket & Magnet Boot
  • Black Anodized Deep Steel Woofer Bars
  • Quick Disconnect 4 AWG PWR / GND / REM Terminals
  • Low Pass Control with Built-In 12dB Octave Butterworth Crossover 
  • Phase Control ~ 0° - 180°
  • Clip LED Indicator
  • Bass Boost from 0dB ~ +12dB @45Hz
  • Remote Gain Control Included
  • High Quality Industrial Grade Carpet Ported Enclosure


  • Size: 6.5"
  • Watts RMS: 250w
  • Peak Power: 500w
  • Cone: Kevlar Fiber Enhanced Non-Pressed Paper Cone
  • Voice Coil: 1.5" 
  • Surround: EROM Foam
  • Magnet: Double Stacked 55oz
  • Terminals: Quick Disconnect
  • Basket: Heavy Gauge Cast Aluminum
  • Tinsel Leads: Heavy Duty Triple
  • X-Max: 10mm (1-way)
  • SPL: 85 dB @2.83V/1m
  • FS: 63.5Hz
  • Crossover Control: Variable 50Hz ~ 200Hz / 12dB Octave Butterworth
  • Bass Boost: 0 ~ -12dB @45Hz
  • Frequency Response: 25Hz ~ 200Hz
  • Input Sensitivity: 200mV ~ 10V
  • Fuse Rating: 20A x 2 
  • Dimensions: 14" x 9" x 10.6"
  • Bass Remote: Included
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