Massive Audio Summo64S subwoofer

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Massive Audio Summo64S subwoofer
Massive Audio Summo64S subwoofer
Massive Audio Summo64S subwoofer
Massive Audio Summo64S subwoofer
Massive Audio Summo64S subwoofer
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Maximize Bass Reproduction and save on airspace via this innovative new design!

This new cast basket and sealed bottom plate design will replace traditional bottom venting by redirecting the cooling from the pole piece vent to the bottom of the customized basket. this allows the subwoofer to be installed where the depth is limited.

By bolting this machine screw through the back of the enclosure to the backplate of the subwoofer you will minimize 'box flexing' and reduce the airspace needed in the box itself!

Minimizing box flexing will increase efficiency by converting the wasted electrical power from the amplifier directly to the mechanical linear subwoofer cone's movement which will minimize distortion and add more efficient bass reproduction.

Normally you would need around an inch or more from the back of the subwoofer to the back of the box. On the back of the SUMMO64S you will find a removable machined screw. Simply remove the screw, load the subwoofer in the enclosure so that the back of the box is flush with the back of the subwoofer, then replace the screw through the back of the enclosure to the baffle of the subwoofer.

This design will allow a unique advantage of bracing the front baffle, the subwoofer and the back baffle together as one, which will make the subwoofer and the enclosure as one plane.

This will not only make for a smaller box but more importantly add more bass! This is due to the energy not being spent on box flexing and in turn producing more low frequency output!

Now that’s audio innovation!


  • Shallow Mount Design via Sealed Backplate & Customized Vented Cast Basket
  • Bolt-To-Box Machined Hex Screw on Magnet Backplate for Maximized Bass via Reduced Box Flexing
  • Optimized Spider & High Rolled Edge for Superior Bass Reproduction
  • Kevlar Fiber Enhanced Non-Pressed Paper Cone
  • 4-Layer Hi-Temp 1.5" Voice Coil
  • Fiberglass Woven Dust Cap
  • Double Stacked 45oz High Energy Strontium Ferrite Magnets
  • Enhanced Cooling T-yoke Design with Black Anodized Finish
  • Customized Rubber Gasket and Magnet Boot
  • 100% Pure Copper Cables with Direct Lead Connection
  • Triple Black Poly Cotton Spiders with Mirror Image Layout


  • Size: 6"
  • Peak Watts: 400
  • RMS Watts: 200
  • Cone: Non-Pressed Paper
  • Voice Coil: Dual 4 Ohm
  • Surround: Red Stitching
  • Magnet: 45oz Double Stacked
  • Terminals: Heavy Duty Direct Input Wires Connection
  • Basket: Rugged Industrial Textured Cast 
  • Tinsel Leads: Heavy Duty Triple
  • X-Max (2-Way): 8mm
  • SPL: 85dB
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