Gold Note Valore 425 PLUS Italian vinyl source, black

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Gold Note Valore 425 PLUS Italian vinyl source, black
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The Valore 425 Plus is the most complete and musically satisfying turntable of its category, offering an unbeatable audio performance. This elegant and smart turntable has been developed for great musical pleasure and every single feature comes, in fact, directly from our flagship series.

Technical perfection and attention to materials are behind this turntable’s sonority and modern beauty. The design is sober, stylish and still presents luxurious finishes. This eye-catching turntable is not only captivating, it extracts with brio the finest details from the vinyl groove. The 30mm plinth, available in 4 special finishes, has been brilliantly designed and shaped to reduce vibrations and guarantee a remarkable audiophile sound.

Despite its compact size, the Valore 425 Plus supports with ease a standard 9” tonearm and includes our outstanding Gold Note B-5 tonearm and a transparent hinged removable dust-cover.

The 60mm platter bearing and spindle are finely machined in order to provide the best quality movement that, combined with the high-dampening PTE platter, makes the Valore 425 Plus an extraordinary flawless turntable.

The extremely efficient 12V synchronous motor is noiseless and its high torque guarantees a high-precision control over speed as well as ultra low friction and vibrations in every moment. The speed modes – 33,3rpm and 45rpm – are electronically controlled and can be accurately adjusted to fine-tune the turntable making the Valore 425 Plus the brother in arms of every High-End audio system.

This elegant and modern turntable has a beautiful touch of classic Italian design. Handmade in Italy with the finest quality materials, its name means both worth and value in Italian and that is exactly what it is: A really great value for money turntable that has everything to become your favorite instrument to play your LPs on.

  • WOW & FLUTTER: 0,2%
  • RUMBLE: -75dB
  • SPEED: 33⅓rpm and 45rpm ±0,1%

  • SPEED CHANGING: electronic with fine pitch control
  • TRANSMISSION: 70 shores rectified NBR belt
  • MOTOR: 12 Volt High Torque synchronous
  • PLATTER: 23mm in PTE
  • PLATTER SPINDLE: Split-Spindle™ clamping design

  • PLATTER BEARING: Chromed Steel 5mm ball bearing
  • TONEARM: Gold Note B-5 (derived from B-5.1)
  • DUST COVER: transparent with hinges

  • POWER: Power supply: 18V output, Power consumption: max 20W, 100-240V, 50/60Hz
  • DIMENSIONS: 425mm W 170mm H 360mm D

  • WEIGHT: 9.5Kg net, 15Kg boxed
  • FINISHES: Plinth: Italian Walnut, Black Lacquer, Transparent Acrylic or Real Silver Leaf, Metal Parts: Black anodized aluminium
, Platter: Black or Opaline White
  • UPGRADE: PST-10 external inductive power supply for turntables, PST-1 external inductive power supply for turntables (only 18V), B-5.1 tonearm
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